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Christopher Watkins


Christopher Watkins, ALSO known as THE TRUE CW, WAS BORN ON 

MARCH 4TH, 1998, IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, usa. HE GREW UP ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF CHICAGO AND KNEW SINCE THE AGE OF 8 THAT BEING AN ENTERTAINER WAS HIS PASSION. his love for the arts stemmed in music and has since expanded in other areas such as acting, voice acting, and modeling.

Christopher is A SAG-AFTRA ELIGIBLE FILM, TELEVISION, AND COMMERCIAL ACTOR known for "run with the hunted" (Available on SHOWTIME, amazon PRIME VIDEO, vudu, Apple TV, fandango, and more), "SHE'S THE ANCHOR" (WHICH PREMIERED AT WARNER BROTHER STUDIOS), and "C.I.APE" (A LIONSGATE FILM coming later this year)!



"Becoming The Crew" (via Zoom) ($75)

Ever wondered how your favorite TV/Film projects get made? Or what it would be like to be part of the process? Are you ready to learn how to start your career in TV & Film?

Well look no further! 


Here in my "Becoming The Crew" course, we delve deep in learning the behind-the-scenes of the television and film industry and set you up to become a great Production Assistant! 

The best part? You'll learn it all in only TWO HOURS! Take a look at some of the topics we'll cover and start your session TODAY!

Get Advice on:

Resume Building

Finding Jobs

Proper Set Etiquette 

Building a Starter Kit

Transitioning into film Full-Time 

Networking to Get on & Stay on Set

Standing Out on Set

Getting References

Transitioning into my Dream Department

Tracking Work Hours & Mileage



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