With an innovative sound and an extroverted personality, The True CW supplies good times through vibrant beats & stunning rhymes that put the true art & craft of a genuine wordsmith on full display for all to enjoy.  Determined to be a positive force on the mic and inspire the people through a remarkable crossover style that creates an authentically all-inclusive vibe at the heart & soul of every bar spit & every beat bumpin’ – The True CW is ready to make his mark in music-history.

Originally born & raised in Chicago, The True CW discovered the power of his passion & connection to music early on in life, finding inspiration through the local scene & drawn-in by the impressive sounds the city had to offer.  At the age of thirteen he’d already laid down his first recordings in the studio, and just two years later, he was officially starting to perform onstage at his first open mic sessions. Building himself into an all-around entertainer from the ground up from day one – The True CW has made sure that every step he’s taken has been a massive leap in the right direction towards an unbreakable career.

Making a bold move with his music, The True CW committed to his vision, packed up his belongings and made his way to Oklahoma City to bring everything to the next-level.  With a refined signature style that was audibly limitless, versatile, and highly-dynamic – he pushed himself harder than ever to embrace his natural talent and take it entirely beyond the limits in a sincere effort to create music that didn’t just entertain. He designed songs to inspire, uplift, & empower listeners across the globe to become the best version of themselves through wildly expressive and imaginative bars that encourage listeners to go after their own dreams with passion, heart, and desire.Through his music he helps ignite that inner spark of creativity we all possess, celebrates the individuality of people, and ensures the good-time vibes never stop flowing – ever.

 He’s been hard at work in the studio, crafting new cuts that have him sounding his best to-date; he’s ready to exceed all expectations, excel in his craft, and surge forward with his career yet again with spectacular singles & videos set to drop. Undoubtedly, The True CW is an artist to keep an eye on as he keeps impressing listeners with his music and his message. 

The True CW 1